Breeder Defined

The breeder of a Pintabian horse is the owner of the dam at the time of breeding.  Generally, it is the breeder who is credited with the successes a particular Pintabian horse may employ.  ALWAYS inspect the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. (PHRI) Certificate of Registration prior to breeding to insure that the horse is, in fact, a Pintabian horse.

Certified Pedigrees

Did you know certified Pintabian horse pedigrees are available from the PHRI for a nominal fee?  Contact us.


Genetically, there are two main types of Pintabian horses.  The vast majority are heterozygous for the tobiano allele.  Statistically, these horses produce tobiano horses 50 percent of the time when bred to horses without tobiano markings.  On the other hand, Pintabian horses that are homozygous for the tobiano allele breed true and produce 100 percent tobiano offspring, even when bred to non-tobiano horses.  The first Pintabian horse to be documented homozygous for the tobiano allele was foaled in 1998.


Breed the best to the best . . . and hope for the best.  ~Unknown

All beauty comes from beautiful blood and a beautiful brain.  ~Walter Whitman

Men are generally more concerned of the breeding of their horses than of their children.  ~William Penn

A breeder is one who thirsts for knowledge and never really knows it all and doesn't pretend he does. His heart is sometimes broken but it beats strongly with hope everlasting and it is always in the right place!  ~Author Unknown

Pintabian Horse Profile

The profile of the Pintabian horse, also known as its breed standard, is the defining characteristics that make it different from all other equine breeds.
Stallion Owners

Owners of breeding stallions must complete the Pintabian Horse Registry Stallion Breeding Report (SBR) for each stallion.  This includes stallions registered in the Colored Division, Breeding Stock Division and Arabian Outcross Divisions, as well as recorded stallions.  A separate SBR is required for each calendar year.  Be sure to KEEP A COPY OF THE STALLION BREEDING REPORT FORM IN YOUR FILES FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.  Click Registration for more information.


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