History ~ Nearly 30 Years of Service

Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.  ~Anonymous
The mark Pintabian was coined to represent horses registered in the Pintabian Horse Registry which was formed in 1992.  The registry was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1996 and has annually submitted renewals in a timely fashion to the Minnesota Secretary of State since that time.  Copies of the actual Annual Renewals are available from the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. upon written request.

To make a long story short, Pintabian horses originated after continually backcrossing Arabian horses to tobiano horses for a minimum of seven generations.  It was at this point that a relatively pure strain of foundation pleasure type tobiano horses had been produced.  The intent was to produce a flashy tobiano pleasure horse that was separate and distinct from any other. 

Today, Pintabian horses are frequently bred to Arabian horses to infuse additional bloodlines of pleasure type.  Some Pintabian horses are double or triple registered in other registries to increase show opportunities and value.

Many had the opportunity to experience a Pintabian horse foal hands-on; it was extremely well received.
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota USA was the ultimate vacation destination and an enjoyable time was had by all!