Pintabian Horse Stud Book

The Foundation Pintabian Horses
Registered from January 1, 1992 through December 31, 2001

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Every human being, when reflecting on their life, can pinpoint certain events that were pivotal in shaping the person they have become.  Whether triumph or tragedy, our experiences and subsequent reaction to them dictate who we are.  One may recall the very moment they fell in love, the birth of a child or a great career coup and realize that it was in an instant their life was forever changed.

One of those pivotal points in my own life took place on a beautiful summer's morning in 1994.  I first encountered Pintabian horses on that day and will remember it always.  Elegant and refined, showy yet docile, these spotted equines deftly captured a piece of my heart and have possessed it ever since.  The experience inspired me to write my very first published article, "Falling in Love with the Pintabian".

With a mix of humor and gratitude, I look back at that first article and realize that both my writing and I have matured considerably.  The sentiment of the article, however, remains unchanged.  If anything, my enthusiasm for the Pintabian horse, as well as my dedication to and respect for its Registry, has grown.

I have had the unparalleled honor and privilege of witnessing first-hand the growth of this breed from its infancy.  It has been a joy to have personally known most of the early dedicated breeders and many of the foundation horses.  The promotion of Pintabian horses has been a very rewarding challenge and I have reaped the benefits in countless ways.  The largest reward by far has simply been to have known some of the most beautiful and intelligent horses in the world.

The Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. has often used the catchphrase "History in the making."  One would be hard-pressed to deny the claim.  Pintabian horse breeders truly are making history.  Their dreams, dedication, sacrifice and hard work bear fruit with the birth of each new Pintabian foal, and every one of those Pintabian foals represents a breed that has proven both its distinction and legitimacy.

One of the main purposes of any registry is to record the history of its breed, primarily by keeping detailed records of the horses registered with it.  The PHRI is no different and diligently guards the purity and integrity of the Pintabian horse breed.  This book is both a historical document and landmark for the Pintabian horse and the PHRI.  It is a testament, as well, to both the breeders and the horses that have paved the way for future generations.  That said, we are not just making history in the present tense, but we have made history.

As a lifetime member of the PHRI, I am extraordinarily proud of the strides this organization has made, and particularly of the first Pintabian Horse Stud Book.  This book describes in detail each Pintabian horse registered with the PHRI during its first ten years of existence.  It is a valuable and timeless resource for all who are interested in the breed.  For those of us who knew and loved the horses that this book documents, it is a treasured keepsake.  These are the Pintabian horses who captured our hearts and changed our lives forever.

          Amy M. Dagen
          Frostfire Farm
          Lifetime Member

Table of Contents

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1.  Foundation Pintabian Horses Registered from 1992 thru 2001

2.  Progeny of Foundation Pintabian Stallions from 1992 thru 2001

3.  Progeny of Foundation Pintabian Mares from 1992 thru 2001

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The objective for compiling the data in this volume has been to provide accurate information but in the event of any errors, the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. assumes no responsiblity for any actions readers may take as a result of the statistical material presented.  The volumes are under construction and distribution by any means is improper.  Any printed copies are considered uncontrolled and should not be relied upon.  The contents do not in any way constitute the rendering of professional advise.  Horses described herein were accepted for registry under the rules of the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.  Certificates of Registration were issued in reliance on the truth of the statements submitted on the Application of Registration but is in no event deemed a guarantee by the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. of the breeding or ownership of the animal.  If an animal has been admitted to entry and was included in this book through error, misrepresentation or fraud; such entries are null and void, together with any entries and transfers that may have been made of progeny of such animals.  The Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. assumes no liability for damages arising from such entry or transfer.