AAEP - initialism for American Association of Equine Practioners

AANHCP - initialism for Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

AANHCP CP - AANHCP initialism for 'Certified Practitioner'

AANHCP CSP - AANHCP initialism for 'Certified Student Practitioner'

ABA - initialism for American Bar Association

acronym - word formed from initials (example:  PIFEE)

abandon - to relinquish position

abbreviation - shortened version of a word or phrase

abdominocentesis - fluid withdrawal from the abdominal cavity by a needle

abnormality - negative difference from the norm

abort - to prematurely expel a non-viable fetus

abomasum - stomach

abrasion - a scrape type wound that damages the epidermis and dermis

abscess - pus-filled pocket

abuse of discretion - basis for court reversal

AC - initialism for Agriculture Canada

account - a type of record in which debits and credits are recorded

accounting equation - "Assets = Liabilities + Equity"

accounts payable - amount owed by a business

accounts receivable - amount owed to a business

acidic - sour

acronym - accepted short version or abbreviation

action - lawsuit

active immunity - resistance due to having had the disease or vaccination

activated charcoal - antidote for certain toxins

actus reus - overt criminal act

acute - of sudden onset and severe in development

acute study - a scientific study lasting from minutes to days

ad - term commonly used for advertisement

ad agency - a professional business that develops advertising plans for clients

ad hoc - local area network in which computers network with each other directly

ad lib - when horses are allowed to eat unlimited forage

ad libitum - unlimited

adaptation - beneficial mutation

additives - products added to grain in order to alter it

adenosine triphosphate - a chemical produced by mitochondria that provides cells with energy

adhesion - where two body structures that are meant to be free of each other become attached

adipose - fat

adjuster - one who investigates insurance claims

adjuvant - product added to a drug to increase the therapeutic action

administer - to manage

administrative - pertaining to managing

administrator - manager

adult bullying - serious bullying that requires legal action

adulterate - to make feed inferior or dangerous by adding improper ingredients

adulterated - feed that has become inferior or dangerous by adding improper ingredients

advertise - to present sales information to a large segment of the public

advocate - one who pleads the case of another

aerosol - a product that is dispersed through the air via a sprayed mist

AF - American Association of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Accredited Farrier'

AF - Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association initialism for 'Apprentice Farrier'

AF II - Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association initialism for 'Apprentice II Certification'

AFA - initialism for American Farrier's Association

AFEC CF - American Farrier's Education Council initialism for 'Certified Farrier'

affidavit - a sworn written document

affirm - to approve or confirm

aflatoxin - a potent neurotoxin

afterbirth - placenta that has been expelled

age of majority - the legal age at which an individual becomes responsible for their own actions

aged - an older horse

agent - one authorized to act on behalf of another by mutual consent

agisters lien - when a lien is placed on a horse for the cost of boarding or care

agouti - gene that produces black points

agreement - mutual assent

aggression - an attack that was not provoked

aggressive - prone to aggression

AHC - initialism for American Horse Council

AI - initialism for artificial insemination

AICPA - initialism for American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

aids - communication signals given to a horse by the rider

ALF - acronym for Animal Liberation Front

alfalfa - a high protein, medium energy legume

all-breed - equestrian event or sale open to various breeds

Allah's curse - old Bedouin terminology for equine deaths now believed to have been caused by SCID

allele - a member in a pair of genes at a particular locus

allow - to approve or give consent to

alopecia - hair loss

alpha mare - a dominant mare in a herd that is highest in rank

also called - an alternate name

alter - to change

altruistic - animal behavior that is unselfish and benefits others

alveoli - the tiny airs sacs located in the lungs

amber - a light brown equine eye color

American Association of Equine Practioners - a professional group of veterinarians and vet students

American Bar Association - an organization whose membership consists of lawyers and students of law

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants - group of CPAs and those who meet requirements

amino acids - protein building blocks

amnion - the transparent sac that surrounds a fetus

analgesic - a pain relieving drug

analyze - to separate a whole into the various parts

anaphylactic shock - often fatal reaction triggered by an antigen to which a horse was hypersensitized

anatomy - the study of body structure

anemia - medical condition in which the the red blood cell count is low or of poor quality

animated - when a horse walks proudly with an arched neck, high leg action and a high tail carriage

angel - an individual who generally invests $25,000 to $100,000 in different types of companies

angel investor - business individual who provides start-up capital in return for a portion of equity

animal communicator - one who claims to telepathically communicate with horses and other animals

Animal Liberation Front - the underground terrorist group formed in 1976 by Ronnie Lee of England

animal rights - philosophy that animals should never be owned by anyone for any reason

animal welfare - concept that ownership is acceptable provided animals are comfortable and cared for

anions - ions that are negatively charged

anorexic - when a horse will not eat

annual fee - a fee paid each year

antagonist - a drug that interferes with the effect of another

antennae - sensory organ of insects

anthelmintic - a product used to destroy parasitic eggs and larvae

anthrax - a deadly bacterial infection easily killed by antibiotics

anthropomorphic - attributing human emotion to horses and other animals

antibiotic - drug that destroys or inhibits the growth of microorganisms

antibiotic associated colitis - disease induced by antibiotics

anticoagulant - a product that prevents the blood from clotting

anti-diarrheal - product given to stop diarrhea

antibody - substance that causes an immune response

antigen - an invasive germ or foreign substance that initiates an immune response

antiseptic - chemical that destroys or inhibits bacteria

antitoxin - antibody which which neutralizes bacteria-produced toxins

anus - the opening of the large intestine

AO - acronym for Arabian Outcross division

AP - acronym for accounts payable

APF - American Association of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Accredited Professional Farrier'

aplasia - failure of the development of an organ

apnea - when breathing stops at times

appellee - respondent

apples - slang for horse manure droppings

appraisal - an estimated value determined by an objective and trained individual

appraiser - a professional trained to estimate the value of an equine

appreciation - the price an asset has sold for less the principal paid for it

apricot - slang for the red dun color

AR - acronym for accounts receivable

arachnid - parasite with a head, body and eight legs

arbitration - a formal method of resolving disputes that is generally binding

arch - crest of a neck

arched neck - a neck that has a high crest

arrhythmia - abnormal electrical heart activity

arson - crime of setting property on fire

arteries - vessels which bring blood from the heart to the body

arthritis - joint inflammation

artificial insemination - to deposit semen into the reproductive tract of a mare artificially

ascarid - roundworm

ascaridiasis - a roundworm infection

ascites - when fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity

aseptic - sterile

aseptic technique - to employ procedures that prevent cross contamination

ascorbate - vitamin C

aspirate - to breath in

assessed value - value assigned for property tax purposes

assigns - anyone given interest or ownership via a gift, will or trust

AT - American Hoof Association initialism for 'Apprentice Trimmer'

ataxia - muscular in-coordination

ATF - Worshipful Company of Farriers initialism for 'Approved Training Farrier'

athletic horse - a hardy horse that is physically strong

ATM - initialism for automated teller machine

atom - the smallest matter particle

atony - lack of tone

ATP - acronym for adenosine triphosphate

atrophy - decrease in size of muscle tissue or wasting of body part

attenuated - when a virus has been weakened by disease

attest - to confirm in writing or by application that something is true and accurate 

attestation - act of attesting that something is true and accurate

attitude - the state of mind of an individual regarding a particular matter

attorney at law - a lawyer licensed to give legal advice and try court cases

attractive nuisance - legal profession phrase used to describe the ability of a horse to attract children

auction house - wholesaling agent that brings horse purchasers/sellers together in a physical location

audit - an official financial examination

author - originator

authority - a business entity with administrative control that is the accepted info source & ruling power

autoclaving - the process of heat sterilization

automated teller machine - machine commonly used for accessing cash

automatic - responds properly and promptly to commands

autonomous - self-governing

avulsion - a tearing type wound

AWCF - ititialism for Associateship of the Worshipful Company of Farriers



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