CAF - Cytek Horseshoe Company, Ltd intialism for 'Cytek Accredited Farrier'

CAFD - acronym for concentrated animal feedlot operation

calendar year - the time period beginning from a particular date through December 31 of that year

calico - term sometimes used to describe the sabino pattern

cancer - neoplasia or malignancy

capillary refill - test used to determine if a horse is dehydrated

capillaries - microscopic blood vessels

capital - property or money used for producing wealth

capital gain - the profit made from selling certain assets

capped elbow - a swollen equine elbow

capped hock - a swollen equine hock

carbohydrates - plant-based compounds consisting of sugars, starches and cellulose

carbs - slang for carbohydrates

carcinogens - various cancer producing agents, chemicals or viruses

cardiomegaly - heart enlargement

cardiomyopathy - chronic heart disorder

caretaking - the giving of care to horses or other animals

carriage - an elegant horse used to pull carriages

carrier - a horse that has a gene that is not visibly expressed but that can transmit it to offspring

carotene - precurser to Vitamin A

cast - when a horse lays down and rolls up close to a wall or fence and can not get up

catabolic state - loss of muscle mass and weight due to digestive disorders

cations - ions that are positively charged

caudal - pertains to tail

cause of action - the legal grounds for an action to recover damages or relief

cauterize - the use of heat to sear tissue

cavalletti - small jumps used for basic training

caveat - a warning to be on guard

caveat emptor - phrase often quoted in the horse business meaning 'let the buyer beware'.

cavity - a body space or hollow

cayuse - a hardy American Indian horse or pony

CBT - Equine Lameness Prevention Organization initialism for 'Certified Barefoot Trimmer'

CD - accronym for Colored Division

cease and decist - court order issuing a particular directive

cecum - organ located between the large and small intestines important to the digestion of cellulose

cell membrane - the barrier around a cell

cells - the very basic parts of all plants and animals

cellulitis - inflammation of cellular tissue

cementum - the bony tissue located over the roots of equine teeth

censure - to publicly reprimand

cephalic - pertaining to the head

Certified Public Accountant - one in good standing who passed the Certified Public Accountant exam

cestode - tapeworm

cestodiasis - tapeworm infestation

CF - American Farrier's Association initialism for 'Certified Farrier'

CF - Cytek Horseshoe Company, Ltd. initialism for 'Cytek Farrier'

CFP - Equine Lameness Prevention Organization initialism for 'Certified Farrier Practitioner'

champing - when a horse opens and closes its mouth to show submission to another horse

character - what one does when one thinks no one is watching

character assassin - business slang for one who demonizes its target in an effort to destroy

characteristics - expressed qualities and features

chariot racing - a popular equine racing sport

charter - a government issued document that establishes a corporation

chemistry - study of how substances react with each other

chestnut - a base coat color that can vary from very light red to very dark red with no black points

chiropractic - related to the manipulation of equine vertebra

chiseled - clean cut face

chlorhexidine - wound antiseptic

chlorophyll - the green pigment in plants

chloroplasts - structures in plants that make sugars

chomping at the bit  - anxious to get going

chromatid - one of two strands that a chromosome divides into

chromatin - a genetic mass made of DNA and proteins

chromium - metallic element names for its brightly colored toxic chemicals

chromosomal - pertaining to chromosomes

chromosomes - 32-paired structures found in the nucleus of horse body cells containing genetic DNA

chronic - of long duration

chronic study - a scientific study lasting weeks or longer

CID - initialism for combined immuno-deficiency

CJF - American Farrier's Association initialism for 'Certified Journeyman Farrier'

CJF EE - AFA initialism for 'Certified Journeyman Farrier: Educator's Endorsement'

CJF SFE - AFA initialism for ' Certified Journeyman Farrier: Specialty Forging Endorsement'

CJF TE - AFA initialism for 'Certified Journeyman Farrier:  Therapeutic Endorsement'

class - a group of show horses who compete against each other

classified ad - advertising arranged according to category

claybank - a very light yellow brownish dun color

clean-legged - used to describe a horse without feathers in the fetlock area

clinical - when signs or symptoms are easily observed

clone - animal derived from an individual that is genetically alike

close - the point of a sale in which the seller asks a prospect to purchase

closed herd - policy of avoiding direct or indirect contact with other horses

closed stud book - a registry that only accepts horses whose sire and dam are registered in it

closing clue - an indicator that the buyer has enough information and is planning to purchase

clostridia - microorganisms that live in the intestinal tract and soil

clot - when platelets clump together to stop bleeding

CLS - Equine Lameness Prevention Organization initialism for 'Certified Lameness Specialist'

cluck - verbal noise made to encourage a horse to increase their speed

CMF - Cytek Horseshoe Company, Ltd. initialism for 'Certified Master Farrier'

coagulant - a blood clotting agent

coagulate - to clot

cob - a horse under 15.1 hands that is generally used in the hunt discipline

cobby - having a compact body

coccidia - disease producing single-celled organisms

co-dominance - when two alleles of a trait are expressed

cold blood - draft horses that produce PartPintabian warmblood horses when bred to Pintabian horses

cold call - type of prospecting where an unsolicited phone call is made for the purpose of making a sale

colic - abdominal pain

collector - animal rights definition for anyone who owns more than a few animals

colon - main section of the large intestine

Colored Division - the registration division of the PHRI that Pintabian horses are registered in

colostrum - substance secreted by mammary glands that temporarily provides infection immunity

.com - the end of a commercial entity web address

coming - approaching a particular age

combined immuno-deficiency - a recessive genetic problem transmitted to a foal by its carrier parents

common law - law developed on court decisions rather than statutes

common  sense - good judgment obtained from experience as opposed to study

communicable - capable of being transmitted

competitive exclusion - to fight disease by controlling beneficial microflora

complainant - plaintiff

complaint - a written statement of facts regarding an alleged offense

compound feed - a nutritionally balanced mixed feed

compound interest - when interest is figured and paid on interest

compost - a mixture of manure, animal carcasses and/or other decaying organic matter

compost - one proper method to dispose of dead livestock

concave - curving inward

concentrate - a low fiber/high energy class of horse feed

conformation - the overall physical build and body shape of an equine

conformation fault - deviation from ideal conformation

congenital - present at birth as opposed to hereditary

congenital goiter - when a foal is born with an enlarged thyroid gland

congested - blood-filled

conjunctiva - the membrane that lines the inside part of the eye lid

conjunctivitis - inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

consideration - element necessary to a contract consisting of value that is bargained for

constitutional vigor - thrifty

Consumer Information Center - government agency that prints various guides and publications

contact - someone you have been in touch with

contagious - easily communicable from one to another

contest - a technique used to promote sales by offering prizes

contract - mutual legally enforceable promise between competent parties in exchange for consideration

contracted tendons - a condition in which flexor tendons prevent extension of a joint

contusion - bruise

convex - Pintabian fault in which the facial profile curves outward

cooperative advertising  - a program of joint advertising by more than one party

cookie cutter - slang for when all offspring look very similar to a parent

copper - a copper red colored form of the chestnut base coat

coprophagy - the eating of feces by foals

copyright - an authorship work

copywriter - individual who writes ad copy to be reproduced

corn - the third most abundant grain in the world and a common equine foodstuff

corn oil - oil from corn commonly fed to equines to promote a glossy coat

corn stover - livestock feed consisting of dried corn leaves and stalks

corneal ulcer - an injury to the outer membrane of an eye by trauma, disease or infection

coronet band - the area where the fetlock meets the hoof and hoof growth is initiated 

coronet spots
- small dots commonly found above the coronet band of a tobiano horse

corporation - legal entity created by law

corpus luteum - an endocrine cell mass that forms in the ovary after ovulation

correct - having conformationally straight and sound legs

cortisol - a particular hormone

cortisone - a particular steroid

counsel - lawyers

counterfeit - to imitate with the intention of deceiving and/or defrauding

covenant - promise made in a legal document

cover - to mate

covenant - promise

cover letter - correspondence that accompanies other document(s)

cow-hocked - conformation fault in which the hocks nearly touch

cow kick - a horse kick made forward and to the side with a hind leg while standing on the other three

cowbird - a particular type of bird often found amongst grazing horses and other livestock

cowboy - one who specializes in ranch work or rodeos

cowboy church - church services often held at Sunday rodeos and horse shows

cowboy up - cowboy slang meaning to quit whining and get down to business

CPA - initialism for Certified Public Accountant

CPD - Equine Podiatry Association initialism for 'Continuing Professional Development'

cream - slang for the dilute gene

cream of the crop - breeder slang for creme de la creme

creamello - a double dilute red that manifests as an off-white color with a mane/tail the same color

credentials - accomplishments

credit - when a horse or product is taken on the promise of later payment

credit agency - agency that stores information that is used to assess credit worthiness

credit history - the record of a person's past credit events

credit union - a non-profit, cooperative type of financial institution

creep feeder - a feeding system designed to feed foals without competition from larger horses

creme de la creme - best of the best

creosols - disinfectant similar to phenol

crest - arch of a neck

cresty - a thick arched neck

crib - to bite an object and then swallow air into the throat area

cribbing - vice in which a horse bites an object and then swallows air into the throat area

critical period - 24 hrs following birth when bonding by a foal to dam/caregiver is accomplished

crop - plants grown for livestock feed or bedding

cross ties - two ropes attached to opposite sides of a halter while grooming or treating

crossbred - a non-purebred

crossbred - a hybrid that is the result of crossing two different varieties together

crossbreeding - the process of breeding a purebred animal to a horse of a different breed

cross-country - an off-road countryside horse sport

crossing over - exchange of segments responsible for genetic variation

croup - the area above the tail base

crupper - a piece of tack used to prevent equipment from sliding forward

cryptorchid - a stallion with a testicle that does not descend into the scrotum

c-section - abbreviation for cesarean section

CT - American Hoof Association initialism for 'Certified Trimmer'

CTF - American Farrier's Association initialism for 'Certified Tradesman Farrier'

cull - to selectively sort and reject those of less quality or value

culture - to incubate a sample in a laboratory setting for bacterial growth

currency - an exchange medium

curry - to groom with a curry comb

curry comb - a grooming tool with short teeth used to loosen dirt or hair

cutaneous - relating to skin

cyber bully - one enlisting others and uses the internet, web, discussion groups & messaging to harm

cyber bullying - legal term describing the use of communication and information technology to harm

cyst - fluid containing sack-like structure

cytokinesis - cell division after replication and chromosome division

cytoplasm - the jelly-like substance in a cell

cytotoxic - toxic to cells



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