EAM - initialism for equine atypical myopathy

earmarked - designated for a particular purpose

eastern equine encephalomyelitis - one particular type of encephalomyelitis

easy - the verbal command used to ask a horse to slow down their speed

easy keeper - a horse that tends to be overweight or in good flesh while on a simple maintenance diet

eclipse - PHRI term used to describe a dark spot on the forehead in a white facial marking

economic impact - the effect of a particular activity on economic growth

economics - the science of wealth and finances

economist - an individual trained in economics

ectoparasites - external parasites

edema - fluid accumulation in cells or body cavities

editorial support - news features and articles that draw attention to a business or product

.edu - the end of a public education web address

EEE - acronym for eastern equine encephalomyelitis

egg count - a fecal lab procedure used to estimate the level of parasitic infection

EIA - acronym for equine infection anemia

EIPH - acronym for exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage

ejaculate - to discharge semen

electrolytes - sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, phosphorus and calcium needed by the body 

electronic mail - written messages sent via computer

element - an essential part

elevator pitch - a very short and succinct summary of your business

eligible - an equine that qualifies for registration in the PHRI

emaciation - wasting away of the entire body

email - acronym for electronic mail

embolism - obstruction of a blood vessel

embryo - developing foal

emergence - the appearance of an entirely new disease

en caul - foal born within the entire amniotic sac

enamel - the glossy outer layer of equine teeth

encapsulated - enclosed in a sheath

encephalitis - inflammation of the brain

encephalomalacia - abnormal softening of brain tissue

encephalomyelitis - inflammation of the spinal cord and brain

encephalomyelopathy - disease which involves the spinal cord and brain

encrypt - to scramble or put in code for protection purposes

encyclopedia - the compendium of factual information and photos regarding the Pintabian horse field

encysted - encapsulated

endemic - disease common to an area

endometritis - inflammation of the membrane that lines the uterus

endometrium - membrane that lines the uterus

endoparasites - internal parasites

endorphins - pain-relieving chemicals

endorsement - statements made by an individual with actual experience used in an advertisement

enema - the injection of liquid into the anus to help a foal pass meconium

enteric - affecting intestines

enteritis - intestinal inflammation

enteropathogens - microbes that cause inflammation of the intestines

enterotoxemia - type of disease caused by clostridia

enterotoxin - substance that poisons the intestinal lining

entire - unneutered

entrepreneur - one who recognizes a need and takes the initiative to form a business to meet that need

enzootic - presence of animal disease in a particular area

enzyme - a protein

epidemic - disease outbreak

epidemiology - the study of disease distribution and outbreaks in populations

epidermis - the outer layer of skin

EP - Equine Podiatry Association initialism for 'Equine Podiatrist'

epitome - perfect example

epistatic - when the presence of a particular gene masks the effect of a different gene

epizootic - animal disease epidemic

EPM - acronym for equine protozoal myeloencephalitis

equestrian - a skilled horse person

equestrian - related to horsemanship or horses 

Equidae - the scientific name for the equine family

equilibrium - sense of balance associated with head movements and position

equine - the horse family

equine atypical myopathy - a deadly equine disease of grazing horses

equine grass sickness - neuronal degeneration disease of grazing horses in the United Kingdom

equine infectious anemia - an incurable viral disease

equine protozoal myeloencephalitis - brain and spinal cord inflammation caused by protozoa

equity - monetary value after liabilities have been deducted

eradicate - to destroy elements necessary for disease to live

erection - the enlarging and hardening of the stallion penis

ermine - dark spots that dot the coronet bands

erythromycin - an antibiotic

Escherichia coli - bacteria normally found in the intestinal tracts of horses and humans

esophageal choke - a blockage of the esophagus in horses

esophagus - channel from the mouth to stomach

esteem needs - a need understood by salesman in which humans desire to feel important

estrous - adjective pertaining to the period in a reproductive cycle when a mare is receptive to the stud

estrus - in heat

et al. - abbreviation meaning 'and others'

ethical - pertaining to morality and accepted professional conduct as opposed to the opposite

ethics - the study of the principals of moral and right conduct

etiology - the study of the cause of disease

ethology - the study of animal behavior

eTrep - slang for an electronics entrepreneur

eukaryotes - cells that have a nucleus

euthanasia - mercy killing

euthanize - to painlessly and mercifully put a horse to death

evacuation - removal from a dangerous situation

eventing - equine competition which includes dressage, show jumping and cross-country

eversion - to be turned inside out

ewe neck - a conformation fault where there is a dip rather than a crest in the  neck

ex vivo - outside an organism

exam - abbreviation for exam

examination - detailed inspection

exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage - a nosebleed induced by vigorous exercise

exit strategy - a plan to recoup the capital invested in a business and transition the ownership

expert - individual whose knowledge and experience distinguishes him from those less knowledgeable

expert witness - an expert who testifies

expo - acronym for exposition

exposed - when a mare has been bred to or pastured with a stallion

exposition - a trade show where the products of a particular industry are exhibited

exposure - subjection to a disease organism

extender - a substance used to dilute semen

extort - to obtain by coercive or intimidating actions

extortion - blackmail

extortionist - one who extorts

extracellular fluid - water located in cells

extreme nutritional deficiency - nutritional deficiency leading to death

exudate - fluid from inflammation

eye liner - a fine line of black surrounding an equine eye when the area around the eye is white



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