face fly - an equine parasite that is similar in appearance to a house fly

facial marking - any white marking or combination of markings on the face of a horse

family brand - a name used by a business for more than one product

farcy - a form of glanders

farrier - individual trained to shoe horses

fastidious - a horse that keeps the stall relatively clean by urinating and defecating in one spot

fault - a horse show penalty

FBI - acronym for Federal Bureau of Investigation

FC - American Farrier's Association initialism for 'Farrier Classification'

FCC - initialism for Federal Communications Commission

feathers - the longer hairs on the fetlock

features - pertinent facts about a sale horse or item

fecal - pertaining to feces

fecal count - a lab procedure that determines the number of eggs in an equine fecal sample

feces - body waste

Federal Bureau of Investigation - agency that investigates violations to U.S. government laws

Federal Trade Commission - important regulatory body established by Congress

fee - an amount of money paid for inclusion in membership or services rendered

feed - foodstuffs and supplements fed to domesticated livestock including horses

feedback - answers to questions that help one who is selling horses

feral - not tame

fertile - capable of producing foals

fertilize - the joining of a sperm and ovum

fertilized - when an ovum contains sperm

fescue - a type of grass

fetlock - the joint just above a hoof from which a tuft of hair grows on the lower back portion

fever - hyperthermia

fiber - the vital bulk portion of an equine diet

fibrinogen - a protein produced by the liver that contributes to clotting

fiction - something deliberately falsified

fictitious - term used to describe something that does not correspond to fact

fictitious - term used to describe a name adopted to conceal true identity

field - a particular branch of business or study

field terms - terminology used in a particular branch of business or study

figure-eight - type of noseband

fill - fullness and lack of chiseling in the face

finish - to feed in order to be ready for horse shows

finished - fully trained

fire sale - to sell at an extremely discounted price

fit horse - a healthy horse in good physical condition

FITS - abbreviation for Association of Brazilian Farmers & South African Farriers

FITS ASF - FITS initialism for 'Advanced Skill Farrier, The Farrier's Int'l Testing System'

FITS CF - FITS initialism for 'Certified Farrier, The Farriers's Int'l Testing System'

fixed assets - horses used to produce inventory to sell or replace stock

fixed expenses - expenses that vary little from one month to another

flacid - limp

flag - used to describe a tail that is carried high like a flag

flagella - the tail of a sperm

flank - the soft area between the rib cage and hind leg of a horse

flash - type of noseband

flash of genius - the moment at which an idea comes to the mind of an entrepreneur

flatulence - gas

flat ribbed - slab sided

flatworm - type of parasite

flaxen - blonde colored mane and/or tail

fleabitten - red flecks scattered throughout the coat of a gray horse

flecked - term sometimes used to describe the sabino pattern

flehman - stallion behavior where the head is raised and the upper lip curled to tell if a mare is in heat

flies - annoying external parasites

float - to file off sharp points from equine teeth with a rasp

flora - bacteria normally present in intestines

fluke - flatworm

foal - a newborn or very young equine of either sex

foal heat - the very first heat cycle a mare has after the birth of a foal

fodder - livestock feed

folic acid - a compound found in Vitamin B complex

follicle - structure which contains a mature egg

fomites - objects that harbor organisms that cause disease

footprint - the space taken up by a computer

forage - the bulk fiber component of an equine diet consisting of hay and pasture

forecast - sales outline for a particular time period

forehand - the area of a horse in front of the handler

forelock - the top of the mane that falls between the ears and onto the forehead of a horse

forensic - the use of science for investigating

forensic scientist - one who specializes in analyzing evidence

forever home - animal rights philosophy that animals should never be sold or given away

forum - where opinions are discussed

Foundation Breeder - Pintabian horse breeder listed in the  PHRI Foundation Pintabian Horse Studbook

Foundation Pintabian Horse - influential horse listed in the PHRI Foundation Pintabian Horse Studbook
founder - internal foot deformity resulting from severe laminitis

fragments - PHRI term used to describe small jagged white markings

free choice - to feed forage ad lib

free choice hay - when a horse has access to hay at all times and is allowed to eat all it wants

free radicals - chemicals known to produce cancer

free range - to roam at will

free trade - transactions in which both parties benefit

freeze brand - the tool used to apply a freeze mark

freeze mark - a permanent ID applied to the neck by a liquid nitrogen freeze brand

frog - the cushioning part of a hoof

frostbite - when a body part is permanently injured as a result of exposure to cold temperatures

frostnip - when a body part is chilled as a result of exposure to cold temperatures

fructan - sugar found in grass stems

FTC - acronym for Federal Trade Commission

FTF - The Guild of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Full-Time Farrier'

full dentition - teeth are in place and none are missing

fun ride - a non-competitve cross-country ride

fungi - organisms that feed on dead matter

Fusarium - a plant pathogen

furosemide - a diuretic drug commonly prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary edema

futurity - a money-winning halter competition for future foals or yearlings

FWCF - initialism for Fellowship of the Worshipful Company of Farriers



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