I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification

IAEP - initialism for Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry

ibid. - abbreviation meaning 'in the same place'

icterus - jaundice

id. - abbreviation meaning 'the very same'

ideal - conformation epitome

identity - the characteristics that make up and define a horseman

idiopathic - a medical condition of unknown cause

IJHU - abbreviation for International Chapter of Journeymen Horseshoers & Allied Equine Trades

ileum - small lower intestine

IM - acronym for intramuscular

image - an important mental picture of a representative example

imitate - to mimic

immune - resistant

immune system - the body system that recognizes and combats foreign insults to the body

immunity - resistance to infection

immunization - to induce immunity preventatively

immunoglobulins - antibodies

immunosuppressed - an immune system that is unable to elicit a response

impaction - an intestinal blockage

implied - inferred

imprinting - when a foal bonds permanently with its first caregiver

improper - unsuitable

improved pasture - pasture in which various plants are intentionally restricted

in good standing - when PHRI membership or registration rules have been followed and complied with 

in re.
- abbreviation for 'in regard to'

in vivo - to place in an organism

in vitro fertilization - to join an sperm and egg in a lab setting

in hand - when horses are not ridden in horse show classes

inborn - innately present at birth

inbreeding - mating horses that are closely related

inbreeding depression - the opposite of hybrid vigor

incidence - number of particular cases in a particular time frame

incinerate - to properly dispose of livestock by burning with high heat

incorruptible - a livestock carcass that does not decay

incubation period - the time it takes to develop a particular disease after exposure

index - the alphabetic list of the contents of a book

indiscretion - an unwise decision

individual - one single person and not part of a group entity

industry - a particular type of business activity

infection - the resulting condition of disease causing bacteria

infectious - contagious

infertility - inability to reproduce

inflammation - the swollen, red, painful and hot reaction to injured tissue

infringe - to violate a protected right

infringement - invasion of rights due to unauthorized use

ingest - to eat and drink

ingesta - water and food ingested through the mouth

inherent - inborn

initial owner - the owner of a horse at the time of foaling or registration

initial vaccination - the first vaccination in a series

initialism - when letters are used to describe

injunction - court order compelling or preventing a specific action

injunctive relief - to force a party not to do something

ink spots - small spots located in white areas that are approximately two inches in diameter

innate - instinctive

inoculate - to inject

insect - a parasite with three body parts and six legs

insecticide - chemicals that are used to kill insects

insertion - a type of genetic mutation

instinct - learned equine responses

instinctive - to respond by instinct

insure - to protect against loss or risk in return for a paid premium

intact - not castrated

integrity - the quality of a sound and accurate certificate of registration

intend - to resolve to do something

intent - element of a contract in which there is an objective meeting of the minds

intention - determination

interest - money paid for the use of borrowed money

interested - displaying curiosity

internal business plan - a plan for internal company use

international - worldwide

internet - large network connecting millions of computers around the world

internet troll - a self-righteous individual that craves attention and starts on-line arguments

interrogatories - written responses under oath to written questions

interstitial fluid - extracellular water located within tissues

intramuscular - in to muscle

intraocular - in the eye

intranasal - in the nose

intravenous - in a vein

inventory - the tangible horses raised or purchased to be sold to earn revenue

investigate - to look for truth

investigation - the process of looking for truth

investigator - a paid professional who gathers information and conducts an investigation

in and out shed - a three-sided shelter from the elements

in hand - being led and not ridden

in heat - when a mare is sexually responsive

in the market - actively seeking to purchase

in utero - in the uterus

incineration - one proper method used to dispose of dead livestock

infertile - unable to produce foals

inflammation - heat, redness, pain and swelling of tissues

inflation - increasing prices and lowered purchasing power

inherent - inborn

initial cross - the original tobiano pinto/Arabian crossbred that a particualr Pintabian horse traces back to

initial owner - the party who initially registers a horse

insurance - a business that provides protection against loss in exchange for the payment of premiums

intangible asset - a type of identifiable asset created through extensive time and effort

intellectual property - a type of intangible asset that owners have exclusive rights to

inventory - amount of resale items on hand

ion - an electrically charged molecule or atom

ionophore - a type of polyether antibiotic that is toxic to horses and dogs

iron gray - black base coat color with white hairs dispersed throughout

irrigation - flushing of a wound

IRS - acronym for Internal Revenue Service

ISNHCP - initialism for Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices

-itis - medical suffix meaning "inflammation of'"

IU - abbreviation for international unit

IV - abbreviation for intravenous

ivermectin - an anthelmintic


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