paddock - a small area fenced in for horses

paintbrush - PHRI term used to describe a two-tone tail that appears to be dipped in a bucket of paint

palatability - taste acceptability

palatable - acceptable to the sense of taste

palomino - a dilute red that manifests itself as having a gold or yellow coat color

palpation - the process of examining with the hand

paper switching - fraudulently registering or matching a horse with a false registration certificate

paper - a written essay

papered - slang describing a horse that has a Certificate of Registration

papers - slang for a Certificate of Registration

parasite - organism that lives on another without providing benefit in return

parental behavior - different techniques horses use to care for their offspring

parenteral - by injection

parrot mouth - slang for when the lower jaw of an equine is unusually short and top incisors protrude

PartPintabian - mark describing a registered tobiano pleasure variety equine with one Pintabian parent

partbred - horse registered as a PartPintabian pleasure variety equine by the PHRI

parti-colored - spotted

PartP - acronym for PartPintabian

parti-colored - another term for pinto

parturition - the act of giving birth

passion - that which an individual is particular enthusiastic about

passive immunity - resistance due to having an antiserum injection

pastel - term used to describe soft delicate colors of Pintabian horses with a roan or graying base coat

pasture breeding - natural form of breeding in which a stallion is turned loose with a mare

patent - a means of invention protection

pathogenic - disease producing

pathology - disease of organs or tissues

paw prints - clusters of ink spots

peach - slang for the red dun color

peaked assed - slang for an extremely rafter hipped horse

pecking order - the social standing of the various members of a herd

pedigree - the family tree of a Pintabian horse

pemphigus foliaceous - autoimmune disorder

pending - term used in place of a registration number when not yet available on an application

penicillan - an antibiotic commonly prescribed to treat gram-positive bacteria

penile paralysis - paralysis of penis due to adverse side effects, injury, neurological problems or disease

perforation - a tear or rip

pericarditis - inflammation of the the sac surrounding the heart

perlino - a double dilute that manifests itself as a pale off-white color with very light brownish points

perseverance - to continue to reach for a goal in spite of difficulties

personal selling - a one-on-one sales presentation

PETA - acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

petechia - tiny pin-point hemorrhages

petri dish - shallow laboratory container used to grow bacteria

pH - the measure of acidity or alkalinity

phages - bacteria-killing viruses

phantom - a padded piece of equipment used for collecting stallion semen

pharmacology - the study of the use and effects of drugs

phising - sending an email with the intention of stealing information

PHCP - Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners initialism for 'Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner'

phenol - powerful disinfectant

phenotype - the observable and actual outward expression of genes and the influences of environment

phenylbutazone - a drug commonly used in the management of inflammation

phermones - secreted chemicals that trigger behavior in horses

phishing - sending an email for the purpose of stealing information

phlegmon - discharge of pus of subcutaneous connective tissue

phospholipid - a lipid containing phosphorus

photodynamic agent - having the property of producing a damaging reaction when exposed to sunlight

phrase - catchy group of two or more words

PHRI - initialism for Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.

physiology - the study of how different body parts work and interact

phytotoxin - toxin produced by plants

piebald - an outdated term that was used to describe a a black and white pinto horse 

PIFEE - acronym for Pintabian International Festival and Equine Exposition

pig eyes - slang for small equine eyes

pigment - substance such as melanin that produces color

pigmentation - coloration from pigment

pike-mouthed - slang for an under-shot jaw

piloerection - when smooth muscle contracts and forces equine hairs to stand on end

PIN - acronym for personal identification number

pink tail ribbon - - a pink ribbon tied into the tail to alert other riders that the mare is cranky or in heat

pintabian - improper usage of the mark Pintabian

Pintabian - mark describing a horse or pony registered with the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.

Pintabian horse - equine 56 inches or more accepted for registration in the Pintabian Horse Registry Inc

Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. - the official international registering authority of the Pintabian horse

Pintabian horse junkie - slang used to describe one devoted to the qualities of the Pintabian horse

Pintabian Legend - outstanding Pintabian horse known for accomplishments and number of offspring

Pintabian pony - an equine under 56 inches that has been accepted for registration in the PHRI

Pintabian Producer - mark describing a horse recorded with the Pintabian Horse Registsry, Inc.

pinto - a term used to generically describe any type of horse or pony with large irregular spots

piroplasmosis - a protozoal disease

plagiarism - to use the writings of another as if it were their own

plaintiff - the party who sues another

platelets - tiny blood cells that stop bleeding

play - equine activities and pursuits that have no bearing on survival

playday - informal horseshow featuring games and races

pleasure - horseback riding primarily for enjoyment

pleasure horse - a type of riding horse developed primarily for enjoyment

pleasure variety equine - PHRI mark for a crossbred pleasure horse with one Pintabian horse parent

pleural effusion - abnormal fluid collection in the pleural space

plump belly - the big belly of an overweight equine

pneumonia - infection of the lung

points - black mane, tail and lower legs

poison hemlock - plant extremely poisonous to equines often confused with the non-toxic wild carrot

poker face - a Pintabian horse having a dark head and no white facial markings

poll - the very top of the equine head between the ears

polo - popular team equine sport

polydipsia - extreme thirst

polyphasia - to have an abnormally strong appetite

polysaccharide storage myopathy - dominant genetic disorder resulting in muscle pain

polyuria - to excrete large amounts of urine

pony - equine under 56 inches in height at the withers

popped knee - an enlarged equine knee joint

portfolio - a variety of visual marketing materials

postmortem - an examination performed after death

pot belly - distended belly due to malnutrition or parasites

Potomac horse fever - an equine disease characterized by laminitis, diarrhea and fever

poultice - medication used to treat swelling

power of attorney - an instrument in which one authorizes another to act on their behalf 

ppb - parts per billion

ppm - abbreviation for parts per million

PP - acronym for Pintabian Producer

ppid - initialism for pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction

predator - an animal that preys on and eats other animals

predisposed - the tendency to have a certain condition or conditions

premium - a fee paid in good faith in return for insurance coverage

premix - concentrated micro-ingredients that are mixed into a large batch of feed

prepotency - ability of a stud to produce characteristics due homozygous, dominant or epistatic genes

prepotent - when a stud consistently produces specific characteristics regardless of the dam

prepurchase exam - vet exam done prior to purchasing an equine to insure health & intended purpose

pressure group - a group that tries to influence policy

pressure sore - a decubital ulcer

prestige pricing - establishing higher prices to maintain prestige

prey - to make a victim

pricing objective - a goal oriented strategy for establishing prices

primary bully - a bully who initiates bullying

primiparous - refers to a mare who is a mother for the first time

primitive markings - striped markings commonly found on the back, withers and legs of a dun horse

principle of materiality - when net income is not materially affected

private enterprise - a business that is privately owned

privately held - enterprises that do not trade shares of stock on the stock market

pro bono - free legal work done by lawyers

pro se - to represent oneself in court without an attorney

proactive - to prepare in advance for a situation

probiotics - digestion aids sometimes recommended by nutritionists and/or veterinarians

produce of dam - the offspring of a particular mare

profession - occupation

professional - an individual skilled in a particular occupation

profile - the defined characteristics of a particular animal breed

profit - the amount of money remaining after expenses are deducted from income

progesterone - a pregnancy hormone

proglottid - tapeworm segment

progression - how quickly and hard a disease spreads

prognosis - a medical forecast for recovery

prokaryotes - cells which do not have a nucleus

prolapse - when an organ becomes inverted and protrudes from the body

proll - blog slang for a paid, professional internet troll

promote - to popularize and further growth

property fraud - fraudulently making it look as if one owns your property and uses it for financial gain

proprietary - related to ownership rights

proprietorship - ownership of property

proprioception - unconsciously knowing where limbs are at any given time

pros and cons - to make a list of good reasons for doing something and bad reasons for not

prospect - an individual with the means and authority to purchase

prospecting - the process of identifying potential buyers

prospective - expected

protoplasm -the jellylike substance that makes up cells

protozoa - single-cell organisms that break down cellulose

provocateur - member of an opposing group who infiltrates to agitate and weaken from within

proud flesh - extensive granulating tissue

proxy - a more complicated test that can be used in place of another

PSSM - initialism for polysaccharide storage myopathy

publicly held - enterprises that do not trade shares of stock on the stock market

pugilist - one who baits an on-line argument for sport or fun

pulmonary edema - fluid in the lungs

pulse - the number of times an equine's heart beats per minute

puncture - wound caused by a sharp penetrating object

Punnett square - a grid used to determine all genotype possibilities by a particular cross

purulent matter - pus

purebred - a Pintabian horse registered in the Colored Division of the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc.

push button - a horse that responds properly to and easily to commands

pwned -internet slang term for illicitly owned or successfully hacked

PYOA - business liability initialism for 'protect your own ass'

pyometra - pus in the uterus

pyrethrein - an insecticide made from flowers



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