rabicano - a type of roan pattern common in Pintabian horses

rabies - a contagious and fatal viral disease caused by the bite of an infected mammal

race - an equine speed competition

race course - a cross country or steeplechase course

racegoer - an individual who attends horse races on a regular basis

racehorse - a horse trained to race

racketeering - to obtain benefits by intimidation or fraud

racketeer - extortionist

racy - horse having a slight build with long legs

radiograph - an x-ray photo

rafter hipped - weak muscling that angles downward from the spine when viewed from the rear

ragwort - plant that is poisonous to equines

rain scald - a crusty inflammation of the skin caused by organisms

rales - abnormal respiratory noise

rangy - horse having a shallow chest with a relatively long body

rasp - tool used to float teeth and file hooves

ratcatcher - an english riding blouse that has a choker type collar

RAO - acronym for recurrent airway obstruction

rapid eye movement - a time of sleep characterized by dreaming and eye movements under closed lids

RBC - initialism for red blood cell

re. - abbreviation meaning 'regarding'

real property - land

reactive - in response to

rear - when a horse stands on its hind legs

receiver - rubber device suspended under a tail to catch urine

recessive - description of the allele that does not express itself when paired with a dominant allele

rectum - the final section of the intestine

recission - an equitable remedy in which the existence of a contract is avoided

recurrent airway obstruction - a recurring respiratory issue cause by exposure to environmental dusts

red - one of the two basic equine color families

red tail ribbon - a red ribbon tied into the tail to alert other riders that the horse is prone to kicking

reduction - to set broken bones to their appropriate position

referral - prospect recommended by another

refusal - when a horse disobeys by stopping in front of a jump or trail class obstacle

register - to enter into a registry

register - a source of records

registered - when a  Pintabian horse is official recognized and provided a registration certificate

registrar - keeper of official registration records

registration - the act of registering a Pintabian horse in the Pintabian Horse Registry, Inc. stud book

regression - a decrease in disease signs

regulate - to control and direct as a result of established rules

regulation - an established rule

release - legal document that relinquishes the right to sue

REM - acronym for rapid eye movement

remarkable - a Pintabian horse worthy of making a remark

renal - pertaining to the kidneys

rep - slang for representative

reportable - diseases that must be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities

reproductive - concerning foal production

required - necessary

respiration - the number of times an equine breathes per minute

rescue - to save from danger

rescue ranch - sanctuary where rescued horses are temporarily housed

resistance - when an organism is able to resist the effects of antibiotics

resistant - the ability of a horse to withstand disease and sickness successfully
respiration rate - number of breaths per minute

respiratory - to do with the lungs

restitution - the restoration of loss

resume - a brief history

reward - money offered for information

RF - The Guild of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Registered Farrier'

ribbon - - a ribbon tied into the tail to alert other riders to leave plenty of room

rice bran - a good source of digestible fat for horses

ride - slang for adventure

ridgling - slang term for cryptorchid

rights - philosphy that animals should never be owned by anyone for any reason

ring steward - the individual in charge of managing the arena of a horse show

rising - approaching a particular age

RJF - The Guild of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Registered Journeyman Farrier'

RMF - The Guild of Professional Farriers initialism for 'Registered Master Farrier'

RNA - acronym for ribonucleic acid

roach - to cut off the mane of a horse

roached - a shaved off mane

road apples - slang for horse manure droppings

road founder - founder caused by extreme concussion

roan - a static mix of white hairs in the base coat color which does not increase with age like gray

rodent - one of several small pesty mammals known for chewing and capable of spreading disease

rodenticide - a product used to kill rodents

ROI - initialism for return on investment

roman nose - slang for a horse having a convex facial profile

root - the core meaning of a word

rose gray - - red base coat color with white hairs dispersed throughout

rotational grazing - rotating livestock to different pastures to more efficiently use forage

rough coat - a dull, unhealthy-looking hair coat that is not sleek or shiny

round pen - a round enclosure used for training purposes

rounded rib cage - a barrel shaped torso

roundworm - ascarid

roughage - hay and pasture

RSS - Worshipful Company of Farriers initialism for 'Registered Shoeing Smith'

ruling - the decision of a judge

run up light - slang for the tendency of a stud to lose weight during the breeding season

runner - the part of a sleigh that slides on the ice and snow

rusty - term used to describe the the color of a faded black horse

RLQ - acronym for right lower quadrant

RUQ - acronym for right upper quadrant

Rx - acronym for prescription



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