sabino - spotting pattern sometimes found in combination with tobiano markings of Pintabian horses

saddle - a large spot over the back of a tobiano horse

saline - solution often used for flushing wounds

salmonella - a diarrhea producing bacteria

salt - sodium chloride

salt lick - a salt block for livestock

salve - a rather thick ointment

sanctioned show - officially approved by the PHRI

sanitation - waste disposal

sarcoid - the most common type of equine tumor

SBC - acronym for Stallion Breeding Report

scapula - shoulder blade

schooling show - an informal open horse show for novice riders and/or horses

SCID - initialism for severe combined immuno-deficiency

sclera - the white ring around the eye of some horses

SCORE - acronym for Service Core of Retired Executives

scours - severe diarrhea

scratches - a bacterial infection of the skin on the pasterns

seal brown - slang for a type of brown with a black overcoat but the muzzle and flanks are light colored

SEC - acronym for Securities and Exchange Commission

secondary bully - a bully who does not initiate, but is just as guilty, and joins a primary bully

secretion - glandular substance

Securities and Exchange Commission - US federal agency that regulates the securities industry
sedate - to tranquilize

seed money - money used by an investor to purchase a portion of a company

self-mutilization - a frustrating behavior in which a horse savagely bites and harms itself

semen - a mixture of sperm with fluids

sensitive time- the first 24 hours of equine life when imprinting is successful

separation anxiety - when close companions exhibit anxiety when separated

sepsis - a systemic infection that can lead to death

septicemia - medical term for condition commonly called blood poisoning

sequence - particular order

serial bully - predatory sociopath who destroys for no reason and continues to move on to bully others

serious nutritional deficiency - nutritional deficiency that negatively affects energy and performance

serology - study of blood serum

serology assay - the testing of a blood sample for antibodies

serum - the clear portion of blood that contains protein and antibodies

service mark - trademark which is marked by an 'sm' to identify a service

set up - to stand a Pintabian horse square

settle - to become pregnant

severe combined immuno-deficiency - fatal recessive genetic issue transmitted by carrier parents

sex-linked - genetic trait controlled by genes on one sex chromosome

shards - PHRI term used to describe small jagged spots with sharp edges

shield - a large spot located on the chest of a tobiano horse

shock - potentially fatal failure of multiple body systems

shod - when a horse is wearing horse shoes

show - an exhibition in which Pintabian horses compete for honors and awards

show bill - a poster listing the particulars of a Pintabian horse show

show steward - individual who enforces rules at a horse show

showmanship - skill in presenting a Pintabian horse

shy - when a horse unexpectedly and quickly moves sideways

shy rider - a fearful horseback rider

sibs - horses that have the same sire and dam

sign - disease evidence that can be observed

silent generation - generation of loyal, hardworking, tech-challenged people who respect authority

silent partner - business partner who remains anonymous or not involved in daily business operations

simple interest - when interest is not figured and paid on interest

sire - the father of an equine

skewbald - outdated term used to describe a pinto horse that was any color other than black and white

skijoring - to ski behind a horse

skin pinch - test used to determine if a horse is dehydrated

slab-sided - having a flat rib cage

slander - verbal statements that injure another

slang - unconventional or colorful use of words or phrases

sleeping sickness - disease marked by fever, lethargy and death

sleigh - a horse drawn vehicle used on snow and ice

slippers - the soft pads that cover fetal hooves

slobbers - condition resulting from the ingestion of slaframine

slough - when dead skin or tissue peels off

sm - acronym for service mark

SMART - goal oriented acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely

smear - material put on a laboratory slide for examination

smokey black - having a diluted black base coat

smudge - smoldering fire lit to deter mosquitoes from livestock areas

snip - a white marking commonly seen near the nostrils of Pintabian horses

social animals - animals that normally live in groups or communities

social behavior - the way horses interact with each other

social responsibility - the responsibility to help society in general

sodium chloride - salt

solicit - to approach someone with a request

solictor - an individual who asks you to make a purchase

solid - a horse with a base coat that is not spotted

somatic mutation - type of mitosis error

sooty - genetic modifier that turns the hair coat darker

SOPs - acronym for standard operating procedures

sorrel - another name for a light red colored form of the chestnut base coat

sound - not lame in any way

sp. - abbreviation for species

spear phishing - email scam where an attacker gains info about you and then creates plausible emails

species - closely related living things

specimen - sample of body fluid for laboratory analysis

specs - dark markings around the eyes

speckled - term sometimes used to describe the sabino pattern

splashed white overo - recessive genetic coat pattern some of which are born deaf

splayfooted - term used to describe a horse whose feet turn out

sponsored ride - a non-competitive cross-country ride

spook - to react or startle

spotted - a horse with pinto markings

spreadsheet - program that organizes information into an easy-to-read worksheet

spur - riding aid attached to the heel of a boot

squeal - an aggressive equine verbal signal

squealing contest - aggressive verbal signals made by studs which which may or may not diffuse a fight

square - to stand a for conformation purposes with all four feet are directly underneath the horse

stable - a building used to house horses

stablemens lien - another term for an agisters lien

Stallion Breeding Report - annual PHRI report completed by a stallion owner with breeding information

stamp - when the offspring of a stud consistently inherit his characteristics 

stand at stud - to promote a stallion for breeding

standard - conformation guidelines established as the norm for the Pintabian horse

standard operating procedures - rules adopted to define the care and maintenance of horses at a stable

standing over - another term for "over at the knee"

staple - a plant-based food that is regularly fed

star - a common white facial marking on the forehead of Pintabian horses

staring - an unhealthy hair coat that stands on end

stasis - stagnation of body fluid

stat - abbreviation for immediately

statement - written payment request

statute - a written law

statute of frauds - law regarding requirements needed to make certain contracts enforceable 

- a horse known for its endurance

steel gray - black base coat color with white hairs dispersed throughout

steeplechase - a cross country race that includes jumping over jumps, ditches and fences

sterilize - to destroy all microorganisms

steward - one entrusted with the care of livestock

stick-to-it-iveness - perseverance

stillbirth - when a foal is born dead

stock - a chute designed to restrain a horse

stock - ownership shares of a corporation

stockpiling - the practice of planned grazing for forage done during fall and/or winter months

stover - livestock fodder consisting of dried corn leaves and stalks

straight and true - when legs of a horse are conformationally correct & move properly in a straight line

straightbred - antiquated term for purebred

strangles - infection which causes abscessed glands

straw - by-product of cereal grain harvesting used for forage and equine bedding

strawberry roan - slang for a red roan

street knowledge - wisdom in the ways of the world

Streptococcus equi - the bacterium that causes strangles

stress - response to mental or physical strain which reduces resistance to disease

stressors - factors known to cause stress

strip - a long and narrow white facial marking commonly seen on a Pintabian horses

strategy - a carefully thought out plan

strong horse - a powerful and athletic horse

strongyles - parasites that can cause intestinal damage

stud - a stallion used for breeding

stud book - the official register of Pintabian horses approved by the PHRI

subcutaneous - underneath the skin

substance - having good bone and muscling

sucrose - the sugar produced by sugar beets and sugar cane

suggestion selling - selling technique where a buyer is advised of other available logical products

summer pasture - livestock pasture utilized during months when winter pasture is unnecessary

superficial - pertaining to the surface

supplements - nutritional products used to balance specific needs

suspension - a form of punishment for the breaking of established rules

swab - a fluid specimen

swamp fever - slang term for equine infection anemia

swayback - lordosis

sweeney - permanent shrinking of a shoulder muscle due to injury

swindle - the use of fraudulent statements, misrepresentation or other methods to cheat another

SWO - initialism for splashed white overo

SWOT - business acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

syllabus - an abridged statement

symptom - an indication disease is present

syncope - loss of consciousness

synergy - when two different agents produce what neither could produce alone

system affected - the primary system that a disease affects

systemic - affecting the entire body

systolic - pressure when blood is forced out of the heart by a contraction




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