W-2 - Wage and Tax Statement

W-4 - Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

waive - to relinquish a claim or right

waiver - a written document that relinquishes a right

walk - a natural four-beat gait

walker - a mechanical device used to exercise horses without riding them
wall-eye - slang for a very light colored or almost white eye

want ad - slang for classified ad

warfarin - an anticoagulant rodenticide

warmblood - type of PartPintabian horse produced when a Pintabian horse is crossed with a coldblood

warm-blooded - creatures with a uniform body temperature

warranty - a promise or guarantee made by a seller to a buyer

water - the most overlooked ingredient in an equine diet

water hemlock - plant that is poisonous to equines

wax - droplets of colostrum that usually collects on teats within 48 hours of foaling

waxed up - a horse that is exhibing wax and is close to foaling

WBC - initialism for white blood cell

wean - to prevent nursing

weaver - equine habit of shifting weight back and forth from one front leg to the other out of boredom

web log - an online journal or diary

WEE - acronym for western equine encephalomyelitis

weedy - lacking good bone and muscling

weedy hair coat - having a sparse winter hair coat with longer hairs throughout

welfare - concept that animal ownership is acceptable provided animals are comfortable and cared for

well set - a conformation term used to describe a neck that is properly attached to a laid back shoulder 

well sprung - a conformation term used to describe ribs that can be seen when facing a horse

well-trained - a horse having received thorough and good instruction
western equine encephalomyelitis - one particular type of encephalomyelitis

West Nile Virus - a virus transmitted by mosquitos that at times triggers encephalitis leading to death

Westlaw - legal research computer system owned by West Publishing Company

whinny - an equine vocalization

whip - a training aid used as an extension of the human arm

whip - to use a whip

whisper campaign - a deliberate plot to spread rumors to harm the reputation of a group or individual

whisperer - slang term used to describe an experienced horse trainer

whistleblower - an individual who often suffers retaliation for exposing alleged misconduct

white line - the area where laminae attach to the hoof wall

white tail ribbon - - a white tail ribbon tied into the tail to alert other riders that the horse is for sale

winter pasture - livestock pasture utilized during cold months which has protection from bad weather

whoa - the verbal command used to ask a horse for a complete stop

wholesaler - one who sells horses to someone other than the end customer

whorl - hairs of a horse that are distributed in a circle and often used for identification purposes

WHTC - Oregon School of Natural Hoof Care initialism for 'Whole Horse Trim Certification'

wick - an absorbent thread inserted for drainage

Wikipedia - resource that allows one using fictitious names to block attempts to correct misinformation

wild - untamed or unruly

wild carrot - slang term for Queen Anne's lace

wildfire - an uncontrolled and destructive fire

wind puff - soft enlargements surrounding tendon sheaths or joints

window shopper - slang for one who looks at what is available but does not have the means to purchase

windpipe - trachea

windsucking - when air is aspirated into the vagina

winter tick - a hard tick that fees on horses

WIP - abbreviation for work in progress

witch hunt - business term for an investigation to determine and harass those with differing thoughts

withers - the area at the top of the equine shoulder where height is measured up to in hands

witness - an individual who provides testimony under oath

WNV - acronym for West Nile Virus 

wobbles - condition associated with spinal cord compression in young horses

wolf tooth - tooth located in front of the premolars in the upper jaw

womb - uterus

wood chewer - horse with a habit of chewing trees, wooden fences and/or stalls

wood shavings - common type of equine bedding

workhorse - equine used for human labor

world wide web - computer research system developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 using links

wormer - slang for dewormer

work in process - synonym for work in progress

work in progress - a project that is not yet complete

writ - an official court order

wt - abbreviation for weight

www - abbreviation for World Wide Web



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